Stainless steel bearing

The key advantage of market knowledge
Thanks to our global networks, we offer security in the dynamic stainless steel market.

Our stainless steel portfolio
Maximum availability of stainless steel sheets, bars and tubes.

Our range of stainless steel sheets, bars and tubes is as versatile as their applications. Thanks to extensive warehousing , we ensure the high availability of our product portfolio for our customers.

Stainless steel products are durable and sustainable as they can be easily recycled at the end of their service life without any loss of quality. Our stainless steel suppliers are located primarily in Europe, but also worldwide - for example in Asia and Africa. Our in-depth market knowledge and our reliable global contacts help us to purchase with foresight. We have made the clear decision to offer the best possible availability in all common grades and dimensions at all times, regardless of the current market situation. This is what our customers appreciate.

We combine attractive conditions and a comprehensive stock with customised logistics concepts to create a unique benefit to each of our customers. At Zwick, we see this as one of our core tasks.