International stainless steel trader Albrecht Zwick GmbH

Family business
From the beginning, we have been a family-owned business with a clear focus on the success of our customers.

More than merely a trader
What sets us apart as a stainless steel trader.

We serve our customers as a reliable partner in the volatile stainless steel market, enabling them to engage in calculable stainless steel business that boosts their own ability to compete.

The stainless steel market is highly volatile. It is shaped by a complex mix of dynamic factors: fluctuating stainless steel prices, uncertainties regarding global raw material availability, limited manufacturing capacities and unstable supply chains, restrictive customs duties and tariff quotas, as well as political influences. We are at home in this market. 

We know the ups and downs of the stainless steel market like the back of our hand. Using our expertise as a trader who has grown over decades, we operate within a global network of trustworthy suppliers. We strategically analyse the market developments and take level-headed action, drawing on the strength of a sound family business. We are therefore more to our customers than merely a supplier of stainless steel – we are a reliable anchor in this complex and highly dynamic market. 

We see it as our responsibility to deftly mitigate the financial risks in a highly volatile market on the basis of strategic global purchasing for our customers.

Christian Budde
Director Purchasing and Sales