Factory employee at a grinding machine

Surface engineering
We realise special surface finishes according to the customers’ wishes on our own grinding machines.

Grinding service
Stainless steel surfaces according to the customer’s specifications

Our wide range of stainless steel rectangular tubes and flat bars is complemented by customer-specific surfaces produced in our grinding service centre.

If the manufactured surface finish of rectangular tubes and flat bars is not adequate for your purposes, we will optimise the stainless steel products in accordance with your requirements. We will realise your order in the shortest time on one of our four high-performance grinding machines. We constructed and built two of these ourselves based on our extensive in-house expertise. Allowing us to achieve the best possible grinding results. 

We planned and constructed our grinding machines ourselves, specifically for our purposes. We are therefore able to produce custom surfaces also in large quantities, including as job order production.

Mieczyslaw Lochert
Technical Plant Manager
Surface optimisation as job order production

If you need the final perfect finish for your rectangular tubes or flat bar products, our grinding centre can also assist you in the area of job order production. Thanks to our fleet of high-performance machines, we can realise your requested surface finish quickly and precisely in accordance with your specifications.

A close-up of polished precious metal
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