Digital process control of logistics at stainless steel trader Zwick

Digital services
When there is comprehensive information available, transparency is created. And trust.

Digital services
Stainless steel logistics with seamless, digital workflows

Our customers benefit from efficient stainless steel logistics thanks to efficient digital processes.

In addition to our expertise in stainless steel products, information technology is one of the key competencies needed for our trading business. Both the digital networking of our internal processes and the connection to our customers ensure efficient and reliable workflows with the timely provision of information for everyone involved. For this reason, we have our own ERP system developed in-house by our IT specialists, tailored to our processes.

Depending on their specific requirements, our customers receive their order documents digitally, via electronic data interchange (EDI) or in the conventional manner. Whatever the case, they receive them swiftly and flawlessly at all times thanks to our digitally networked internal processes. 

Labelled with QR Codes and corresponding barcodes, our products can be tracked order-related all the way through to their delivery. This labelling additionally enables the shipping agents and the customers to clearly identify products. 

Let’s talk about whether EDI or a conventional means of communication is a good solution for you. We are happy to assist you with setting up an EDI connection.

Every EDI project is different, every customer has their own requirements. We can easily implement the necessary adaptations internally - without external service providers. This speeds up project implementation considerably.

Klaus-Dieter Gundermann
Head of IT
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